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Photo by Sébastien Guillier-Sahuqué

I am a sound designer currently living in Edmonton, Canada.

I have a degree in music composition from the University of Alberta where I specialized in music technologies and video game development. I am a foley mixer at Alberta’s only dedicated foley stage Little Hook Sound and a sound designer at indie game studio Caldera Interactive.

I take pride in all my work and always thrive to grow professionally, but also as a member of a team by welcoming criticism from my peers and others, offering clear and respectful feedback when appropriate and prioritizing the needs of the projects I work on. Most of all, I am passionate about creating high-quality audio assets, sound’s world-building and narrative capabilities, and games.


Sound design, foley, audio implementation, recording, sound editing, basic scripting, synthesis, music composition, orchestration, and video editing


Pro tools, Wwise, FMOD studio, Unity, C#, Izotope RX, MaxMSP, Sound Toys, Waves, PSE Search, Native Instruments synths, TE OP-1, Finale, and Final Cut Pro.